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 Rules for Mods & Game Masters

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PostSubject: Rules for Mods & Game Masters   Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:33 pm

Greeting's to the staff and community of Extreme-Ran Online - This are GameMaster/Moderator rules for our fellow Staff's to follow. If they decide to not follow them and disrespect them, they will be issued with a a warning or kick from the team.

1. FM's/GM's are NOT allowed to give players any gold/items/skills to players. Except EVENTS and to those newbies who's char are newly created and needs starting gold to buy their stuff and starter equipments

2. FM's/GM's must NOT PK or ATTACK players especially during PK time and Club Wars, if this happens the FM's/GM's account will be suspended.

3. FM's/GM's must NOT abuse their powers, this mean's summoning mobs per players demand is prohibited - You must have permission to summon from an Administrator. The logs will be checked daily, if you abuse it, you will loose you power.

4. FM's/GM's must NOT spawn any mob/npc anywhere without an administrators permission(EXCEPT FOR EVENTS). I say this again to make sure you understand because if you spawn anything without permission. Admin will remove you from the GM team.

5. You must help players instead of fooling around, answer them in great detail rather than giving them pointless answers. It may be best to direct them to an area where you could talk effectively.

6. Now that you have read the these rules, I hope you understand it's a big responsibility for you to be a GM, we are not there to show, were here because we wish to put our time/effort into the server. we need to show hard work and respect.

7. If you have a problem with the GM rules, then why are you here? - We have rules for a reason.

Breaking the rules will not be tolerated, if you are to do so your GM account will be locked and suspended untill an Administrator speaks to you and then will give a decision on what will happen. I hope you understand.

Written by:
[FM] Allen
Extreme-Ran Moderator

Approved by:
[Administrator],Server Owner

Copy right © 2011 Extreme-Ran Online. All Rights Reserved.

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Rules for Mods & Game Masters
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